The next hot coffee joint? Meet your kitchen!

Yes, it all does seem to taste better out, but you can recreate the very best of your fave cafe in your kitchen.

Brew a pot of whatever you like and whip up this divine coffee cake. The only thing you might not have on hand is sour cream. One bite and your loved ones will want to start journaling immediately.


Redefining soft

Sofft. Two f's are needed because these shoes are the bomb.

Vertiginous heels combined with long distances? Never a problem with these -- we own 5 pairs and plan to own more, including these berry babies right here. They feel good and look good. Never easy.
Do the new soft shoe


How old? Oh, faux-ty something!

We love our products, oh yes we do. Not all work as advertised, but they still fill our drawers, bags, pockets. Here's one that's as advertised -- facelift in a pot, high school reunion in a jar.

Scrub lightly, avoid your eyes...and you won't believe your eyes.