Staying sweetly sun-free

Chapeaux. Boaters. Fascinators. Pillboxes. Veiled or sans. Who does not love a hat? Sadly in sunnier climes hats feel more a self-conscious nod to capital-F fashion than finishing touch.

Imagine then an oh-so-chic silhouette, sun-safe 4-inch brim, colors galore, and a price point that says "buy four!"

Fair-skinned princesses shall look 35 forever.

Your FACE, Mr. Sunshine!


Staying sweetly sane

What with all the meetings and phone calls and emails and texts and Facebooks and people people people, sometimes it's all a girl can do to keep her hair combed and teeth brushed. Need a way to keep the head on straight and the gun in the closet? Pull out an apron and start sifting some flour.

Baking is the new yoga, the new zen activity. It doesn't hurt that it serves up immediate gratification. (You can power walk the calories tomorrow.)