I love everything in its place. Unfortunately, living in two pricey urban centers for most of my adult life has left me long on theater tickets and short on storage space. Cupcake carrier in with the overcoats, oversized cookie sheets under the bed.

What's a baker-ice cream maker-sweets taster to do? Love the small stuff. Make a pint and take it with you. To the movies or a picnic.


Glittery glitzy yum yum

OK, so maybe we're like fish in that way. Or crows. Or some other discerning scavenger of the natural world.  Whatever.

If it's shiny and sparkly and ices the cake that is you, do it.  Pile on the bijoux and call it a neutral.


Slip slidin' away...

Good-bye eyeshadow, who looked so pretty this morning. Farewell liner, so sparkly on initial application.

Touching up is so 1950. We want to put it on and keep it on. And now we can, with an eye primer that does what it says it will do. And does it all day long. Hello, lover.  


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